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Fun Modern Las Vegas Senior Portraits

Las Vegas Senior Pictures | Desert Location | Nicole


Meet the lovely beautiful Nicole.  A class of 2015 high school senior in Las Vegas.  She attends a charter school where she does all her work from home and only has to go to the physical school once a week for a few hours.  How amazing is that?  Only having to wake up early one day a week?  Sounds like my kind of high school.  We met up at the end of December for her senior portraits.  It just so happened to be one of the most freezing days of the year, but we powered through.  We held her session in a desert area near Red Rock.  Even though the trees had lost all of their leaves, they still looked beautiful in the photos.

Nicole was stunning.  She had her hair and makeup done and it all looked amazing.  She wore 3 somewhat warm outfits.  We had lots of fun and made up our own words.  Probably a little bit delirious from the freezing cold.  Her sister joined in some photos as well.

senior-photos-las-vegas-3 senior-photos-las-vegas-4 senior-photos-las-vegas-5 senior-photos-las-vegas-7 senior-photos-las-vegas-10


The photo above reminds me of snow white.  Her porcelain skin, the white trees, so pretty.

senior-photos-las-vegas-11 senior-photos-las-vegas-12 senior-photos-las-vegas-14 senior-photos-las-vegas-15 senior-photos-las-vegas-18


It was so much fun to photograph you Nicole.  Even though I know I made you work hard for some of them, you were amazing the whole time.

To see more, watch the video below.


Nicole Senior from JamieY Photography on Vimeo.

Las Vegas Senior Portraits | Nelson Ghost Town | Emma


I just love love photographing high school seniors.  I am also so lucky that all the most beautiful seniors in Las Vegas just so happen to pick me to be their photographer.  Meet the gorgeous Emma!  She is a class of 2015 High School senior.  She wanted to do her photo shoot at the always amazing Nelson ghost town just outside of Las Vegas.  She brought 3 fun outfits that all looked amazing.  I bet anything she puts on looks amazing.  I was joking around that her hair was changing colors to match her outfits.  Whenever she changed, and the daylight changed, her hair looked a different color.  It varied from blonde, to brown, to even red.

She was so much fun to photograph, such a super pretty sweet girl.  I not only got to photograph her, but her mother stepped in front of the camera for some glamour type portraits with me as well.  It was super cold and windy that day but both these girls didn’t let that ruin anything and looked happy and beautiful the whole time.

senior-portrait-vegas-2 senior-portrait-vegas-4 senior-portrait-vegas-5 senior-portrait-vegas-6 senior-portrait-vegas-9 senior-portrait-vegas-10 senior-portrait-vegas-11 senior-portrait-vegas-14 senior-portrait-vegas-17 senior-portrait-vegas-18 senior-portrait-vegas-21 senior-portrait-vegas-23 senior-portrait-vegas-7


Loved photographing these two beauties.  Congratulations Emma on your upcoming graduation.

To see even more from this amazing senior photo session, watch the video below.


Emma from JamieY Photography on Vimeo.